Our combined experience can provide you with:




....from mowing to trimming to edging and blowing, and beyond


As your lawn care professional our crew members are responsible for a number of duties and tasks while providing our weekly mowing and maintenance visit. Our primary goal is to make sure the lawn and landscaping of your residential or commercial property is left looking professionally mowed, neat and well kept, all while upholding only the highest of professional standards while on your property.




Choosing the correct fertilizers and weed control products and deciding when to apply them to your lawn can be a more daunting task than one might initially think.


Several considerations must be thought through that are far greater than "What big box store to shop at?"  Interested to learn more?? Continue to read about proper fertilization guidelines here.


We at Emerald Outdoor have the proper training, licensing and knowledge to provide a comprehensive lawn treatment system to beautify your lawn. Our experienced and caring crew can also assist in keeping the lawn healthy and the weeds, insects, and pest populations at bay.


We currently have three customized lawn treatment programs available to meet almost every individuals needs. Choose the 6 step Emerald Platinum + Bed Weed Control for a top notch treatment program, or the popular better than average Emerald Gold 5 Step program, or the bare bones Emerald Essential 3 step process for the budget minded.  For an in-depth look at each of our treatment programs, and suggested regimens click on the link.




At Emerald Outdoor, your lawn sprinkler system is always in good hands. Our sprinkler repair service includes all aspects of irrigation repair, service and maintenance. In the process, we always try to balance your personal wishes with responsible stewardship of our natural resource. We will properly start up the system in the spring, monitor and re-adjust sprinkler coverage and set adequate zone timing as necessary, and properly clear out and winterize the system in late fall.


Of all yard care tasks, watering is often the most misunderstood. Water must arrive at regular intervals and in quantities that will sustain the plant throughout its entire life. As simple as this may sound, far too many plants die from over-watering and incorrect watering practices than from a lack of water. Studies show that the average single family home uses 45% more water on its lawn and landscape than it really needs, squandering a valuable resource.




In addition to our three core areas of services above, we offer a variety of skilled outdoor maintenance "add on" services. When provided together with our core services, we truly become the professional "complete package" provider for your outdoor world.



So whether you are in need of our lawn aeration, shrub care, or landscape maintenance services, or even our premium commercial snow removal service to round out your service solutions, you have found the right contractor.