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Professionally trimmed landscaping in front of a Clarklake, MI home.

Landscape Trimming

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We trim bushes, hedges, and small trees in the Jackson, Hanover, Clarklake, and other nearby communities in Michigan.

We provide both trimming and pruning services for residents and businesses located in the Jackson County, MI area. Both trimming and pruning mean removing parts of your plants, but each is done differently and for different reasons. Trimming is the practice of generally cutting back bushes and hedges for size, shape, and look. Pruning is what we do when we need to remove dead branches and prevent the spread of disease within the plant.

Perfectly trimmed bushes and shrubs at a home in Hanover, MI.

Benefits of trimming and pruning your landscaping.

Unfortunately, the plants in our landscaping beds can’t just grow wild. If we let them, they would become overgrown and stringy, eventually turning your landscape into a small jungle. With regular trimming and pruning, we can be sure your shrubs and hedges remain at the proper size and continue growing strong. Here are a few benefits of regular trimming and pruning:

  • Control the size of your plants.
  • Cleaning and shaping of your plants, especially important for bushes and hedges.
  • Promotes thicker and fuller growth from the areas cut.
  • Pruning removes diseased, dying, and stray/irregular branches.

Best time of the year to prune and trim.

When to trim or prune in Michigan is a common question, and the answer is, it depends! For example, if your landscaping is completely overgrown and out of control, then the answer is now. If your bushes and hedges have been taken care of, then you’ll want to trim the non-flowering plants in late winter, during your spring cleanup. For your flowering plants, you’ll want to trim and prune after they have fully flowered. You’ll also want to trim everything again during your fall cleanup service, just before winter hits.

Let our team handle your landscape trimming and pruning needs.

We’re experts when it comes to trimming/pruning and making your landscaping look great. Give us a call at (517) 750-5296 and we’ll schedule a time to take a look and provide a free trimming estimate. Our landscape trimming services are available to homes and businesses in the Jackson County, MI area.