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A house in Jackson County, MI in need of fall yard cleanup and leaf removal services.

Yard Cleanups

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Seasonal spring and fall yard cleanup services in Jackson County, MI.

In the Jackson County, MI area, the weather can be unpredictable, but we usually start our spring lawn cleanup services in April or the beginning of May when the winter weather begins to break. Then when summer starts to come to an end and the cooler weather sets in around late October or early November, we start focusing on fall yard cleanup services in preparation for winter. Hiring us for your spring or fall cleanup services will ensure your lawn and landscape are prepared for the seasons to come.

Spring lawn cleanup services laying fresh mulch at a home in Hanover.

Spring Yard Cleanup Services

Everyone in the Jackson County area is always ready for spring after a harsh winter. Even though we did a great job cleaning up your lawn and landscaping during the fall, there is still more that needs to be done to get your lawn and landscape ready for growing season around the corner. Our spring cleanup services can include:

  • Mowing, weed-eating, and edging the lawn
  • Removal of last season’s annuals
  • Pruning/trimming of landscaping shrubs, except those that flower
  • Debris and leaf cleanup of the lawn and landscaping beds
  • Edging/reshaping of all landscaping beds
  • Replacement of any dead plants that didn’t survive the winter
  • First slow-release fertilization treatment
  • Application of pre-emergent herbicides
  • Installing fresh mulch

Raking leaves into a pile during a fall cleanup services in Jackson County, MI.

Fall Yard Cleanup Services

In Michigan, when leaves begin to cover the ground, no one wants the daunting task of cleaning all that up. Before the end of October when fall starts to set in, we will mow your lawn and mulch all the leaves back into the grass. This process allows the leaves to break down and return nutrients to your lawn. When leaves start to accumulate on your lawn, we will focus on the removal of all leaves and debris. Leaf removal prior to winter is important because:

  • Leaves can smother your lawn
  • Dead leaves can create an ideal situation for insect infestation
  • Leaves can block sunlight from reaching the grass
  • When leaves blanket the yard, it creates a perfect environment for mold, fungus, and disease

In addition to leaf removal, all debris should be cleaned up from flower beds and around the property. Any small trees, shrubs, or any other landscaping should be trimmed or pruned at this time. We will apply fall fertilizer, which typically consists of two treatments and weed control to prepare your lawn for its dormant winter season. We’ll also handle the usual tasks of mowing, edging, weeding landscape beds, and more.

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Ready to have a yard cleanup done? Whether it’s a spring cleanup, fall cleanup, or an overgrown yard cleanup, we’re here to help. If you’re located in Jackson, MI or other surrounding areas such as Hanover and Clarklake, call us at (517) 750-5296. We’ll take a look at your property and provide a free quote to perform the cleanup service.