Jackson is Our Home

We are and have always been a locally owned and operated company. We employ the local workforce at a very competitive/above average wage for our industry and area. This allows us to attract and hire a highly qualified and experienced crew who are loyal to Emerald Outdoor and our customers.

We strive to uphold a professional, value-driven, top-notch business in the Jackson Community. We provide professional results for your property or business, all while being driven by our REDEFINED philosophy.


This philosophy has become the backbone of our operation. 


In addition to the quality, local, professional minded thought processes, we are continually challenged to  "Do the right thing" for our environment and the impact our services may have.  The Emerald Team practices several "GREEN" conscience attitudes, continually striving to improve our energy efficient practices, condensed routing saving fuel and resources, well-tuned equipment, and unnecessary fuel usage.  We regularly update our mowers and small equipment to keep it in its best running conditions not only to become energy efficient as possible, this of course only helps provide a highly efficient, professional image while on your property season after season.


What is meant by a REDEFINED philosophy?