Thank you Jackson!!!

We were most recently honored to receive the "Best of Jackson Lawn Service" award delivered by Jackson Magazine Readers.  It was only the second time the category of Lawn Care had been crowned with a victor since the magazine began polling its readers several years ago.  We are very proud to hold the title, as it is a "people's choice" award.  We are very humbled by the Jackson community for recognizing our high standards of business, and reaching out to vote for us.


If you are interested in reading the two page article as found in the March 2011 edition of Jackson Magazine click this link BEST OF JACKSON 2011 ARTICLE .  




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What can we offer you? I'm glad you asked.



Because we believe so strongly that an educated consumer is a smarter consumer, we hope you will take the time to explore our website and get antiquated with what sets us apart from our competitors. Although we will provide the same great service and top notch quality products and services regardless of how much time you spend on this website, we hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to become confidant and comfortable with our organization and the products & services we can provide your property. 


In today's economy, when budgeting dollars must be spent on the highest value available, we hope you will be more inclined to choose Emerald Outdoor as your Lawn Maintenance provider over the fading thoughts of the "do-it- yourself" mentality or using the competition’s cheaper alternatives.


There is a difference in lawn care...it is Emerald Outdoor!


Our wide client portfolio consists of Single Family Residential, Commercial properties small to large, Municipalities and Multifamily Home Owner Associations, so Be assured, we have what it takes for you to relax and feel confident in your property maintenance needs.



What sets us apart from all the others?



In a day and age in which we see many of our competitors come and go, we continue to stay on course to maintain our core philosophy:


The "REDEFINED" service platform is more than just our tag line. It has always been, and will continue to be the only way we see fit, to do our part, in helping you become a happier, more content, Mom,Dad, Grandparent, Community or Business.




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What is the meaning of REDEFINED?  How does it impact our vision?

Who is out working in my lawn?

Find out who makes up the team at Emerald Outdoor, LLC. From the crew foreman, experienced team members, trained irrigation specialists, and our state certified pesticide and fertilization specialists, see for yourself who we are and get to know us better!