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Beautifully preserving the lawns of your neighborhood.
Thick green yard with lawn fertilization treatment.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Treatments

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A Healthy Lawn Requires a Professional Lawn Treatment Program


Choosing the correct fertilizers and weed control products and deciding when to apply them to your lawn can be a more daunting task than one might initially think. Several considerations must be thought through that are far greater than "What big box store to shop at?"  All of our lawn techs at Emerald Outdoor have the proper training, licensing and knowledge to provide a comprehensive lawn treatment system to beautify your lawn, keeping the lawn turf healthy, thus surpressing and even eliminating weeds, and destructive invasive pest populations at bay.   

There are 3 important things needed for a green healthy lawn known as NPK. The first is nitrogen, this makes your grass green and lush, phosphorus helps with root health during early plant development and potassium is for the overall plant health & vigor. We know the exact amount of fertilizer and which fertilizer to apply to your lawn, based on the season and type of grass you have.

Dark green yard from fertilizing in Jackson, MI.

Applications and services we may recommend.

  • Pre-emergent herbicide application for annual grass control (crabgrass, goose grass, foxtails, etc)
  • Broadleaf weed control blanket applications Spring & Fall (dandelions,clover, plantain, etc.).
  • Surface-feeding insect control as needed (chinch bugs, army worms, white grubs etc.)
  • Several balanced, controlled-released golf course quality granular fertilization applications
  • Weed Control for your landscaping beds & Hardscaped areas
  • Over seeding
  • Aeration
We want your lawn and landscaping to be green and healthy because it is a reflection of our work. If you're located in our service area, give us a call and we'll come take a look at your lawn and suggest a package that will be just right for you!