More than just mow and go

Lawn Cutting and Trimming:
  • Weekly scheduled Mowing and Trimming visits are scheduled as necessary from mid April through late October.  The visit shall include mowing, trimming & blowing (cleanup) services.
  • We will do our best to keep your property maintained on the same assigned schedueled day of each new week, although as conditions change due to rainy and wet weather pattern variables, exact scheduled days may be altered to accommodate best practical solutions.
  • On each Mowing & Maintenance visit, we will also trim around trees, rocks, beds and buildings, blowing off all clippings from inside landscaping beds, near base of trees, building foundations, asphalt, and concrete surfaces.
  • During heavy growth periods we may either "double cut" the lawn, or implement equipment needed to collect the lawn clippings in an effort to alleviate exessive grass clippings as deemed necessary by your weekly lawn maintenance technicians, or as specifically requested by the client with possible pre approved charges.

Lawn Edging:

  • Edging a lawn is a simple way to improve the look of your lawn and home.
  • If you’re looking for an easy way to tidy up your lawn, lawn edging is ideal. Intended to clearly separate the lawn from a paved surface like a walkway or driveway, lawn edging produces clean lines and gives your lawn a well groomed look



Spring & Fall Leaf and Lawn Cleanup:
  • We understand that the Fall clean-up of leaves is not a chore most property owners look forward to.  If your property has areas of substantial leaves, so many that you can't see the lawn underneath, the leaves may smother and kill the grass and or promote fungas growth by limiting the grass blades ability to dry out.  So... if you're just looking to keep your peice of property detailed and clean looking, or you have substantial leaves to the point they may cause lawn diseases or death over time, when those leaves fall, count on Emerald Outdoor, LLC to clean them up.
  • Fall Leaf removal from all Lawn and Landscaped areas will take place as leaves begin to build up and again after the bulk of leaves have fallen from trees. (typically the end of October, and the middle of November).  Three visits can be requested as well for those properties that warrent the extra attention.
  • Lawn will be cut and trimmed with any cleanup visit as well. All leaves shall be removed from your property as necessary and disposed of as compost at our facility.
  • Prior to the end of October, we will generally mulch all leaves into the turf stand in an effort to reap its nutrient benifits as well as reduced budgeting needs until the point where the collection of leaves become unavoidable.  
  • Detailed Bed removal of leaves will be performed on round two (mid November) in a effort to clean the most leafes and debris in one visit (unless requested otherwise)
  • Spring Cleanup work shall take place in conjunction with the first lawn mowing.


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