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Residential lawn mowing by the professionals at Emerald Outdoor, LLC in Jackson County, MI.

Lawn Mowing Service

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Lawn mowing service in the Jackson, , Clarklake, and surrounding Michigan areas.

Caring for a lawn can often be something you just don’t have time for, but it can also be challenging when you do not know the proper techniques or have the equipment to help your lawn thrive. At Emerald Outdoor, LLC, we make sure everything your lawn requires is provided. Currently, we provide our services to several areas in Jackson County, MI including Jackson, , and Clarklake.

Recently mowed residential property by Emerald Outdoor, LLC in Jackson County, MI

Grass Cutting Frequency

Cool season grasses thrive in Michigan where temperatures drop below freezing throughout the winter months. The number of mows your lawn will need throughout the growing season can change depending on a variety of factors including lawn type, temperature, and weather. During the peak mowing season, your lawn may need to be mowed once or twice per week. The more rain we have, the more often the lawn will need to be mowed.

For an average Michigan year, we provide 20-30 mows from mid-April and late October. At the beginning and end of the season, your mows will typically be bi-weekly. We keep all our customers on monthly mowing schedules to ensure your lawn is always looking its best!

Mowing Height & Grass Types

When it comes to mowing, we always keep the one-third rule in mind, meaning we never remove more than one-third of the blade height during a cut. We ideally want to keep your lawn between 2 ½” and 4” all season long. The most common grasses grown in Jackson County area:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass - The most widely used turfgrass in the Michigan areas.
  • Tall Fescue - Has a good tolerance for heat, stress, drought, and should be used in high traffic areas.
  • Fine-Leafed Fescues - Used often to establish grass on sloped lawns where erosion is a problem. This cool season grass is more tolerant of drought, infertile soil, and shady areas.
  • Rough Bluegrass - Only recommended for areas that are wet and shaded where fine leafed fescues won’t grow.

Nicely edged lawn with a string trimmer and a bag of landscaping debris at a home in , MI.

Other Lawn Services Included

As part of our routine lawn care services, we take care of every detail during your mowing session.

String Trimming is performed around areas the mower cannot reach, such as trees, hardscaping, buildings, and other areas.

Edging is done along your walkways and driveways to clearly define the lawn from any paved areas giving your lawn a polished look.

Blowing is performed at the end, which is where any grass clippings left over are blown back into the lawn. This keeps your pathways clean and clear!

Double Cut is a technique we use during the peak mowing season to help alleviate excessive grass clipping from smothering your lawn. We may also use other equipment and techniques to collect the clipping and remove them from your lawn. This service is done when deemed necessary by our lawn technicians or can be requested by you with possible pre-approved charges.

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See the difference we can make on your lawn and you will be sure to come back for more! Our professional lawn care and mowing services are the keys to your property thriving this year. At Emerald Outdoor, LLC, we keep the needs of your yard in mind during every session. Call us at (517) 750-5296 to get your first session in the books. We are currently servicing homes and businesses in the Jackson County, MI area.