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Jackson County, MI Sprinkler System Service and Repairs

Maintaining your irrigation system is an important step in keeping your lawn green and healthy. Many homeowners in Jackson County, MI, and surrounding areas are spending a lot more money than necessary to water their lawns and landscape. Irrigation systems are the most efficient method when it comes to watering your lawn, but if they are not properly programmed or don’t receive the necessary maintenance required, your sprinkler system could be costing you more money than necessary. Studies have shown that residential homeowners use 45% more water on their lawns and landscape than it really needs.

Irrigation repaired and tested at a home in Jackson County, MI.

Benefits of a properly maintained irrigation system.

Watering your lawn is often one of the most misunderstood tasks when striving for the perfect lawn. When watering your lawn, you must do so at regular intervals and with the appropriate amounts of water. This seems relatively easy, but we see many plants and lawns suffer, or even die, from overwatering or underwatering. A few benefits from a professionally programmed and maintained irrigation system include:

  • Saves you money: A properly functioning sprinkler system will save you money over time. Our team will check to make sure all sprinkler heads are working correctly and that there aren’t any leaks within your irrigation system. Your system will be programmed to water the lawn and landscape in the correct areas, with the appropriate amount of water, and at the proper times.
  • Saves you time: Irrigation systems work on a programmed schedule. You will no longer have to think about watering your landscaping as the sprinkler system will do that for you. The days of dragging the hose and sprinkler out are over.
  • Saves water: When your irrigation system is properly functioning, your lawn and landscaping will only receive the amount of water it needs. Your lawn will thrive, be healthy, and maintain the beautiful lawn you desire when it is watered correctly.

Lawn diseases that a proper sprinkler system can help you avoid.

Overwatering or underwatering your lawn can make it more prone to diseases and long-term. Some of the potential problems include:

Brown Patch - Caused by a fungus called Rhizoctonia. This fungus creates brown circular spots in your lawn and is most active when temperatures are in the 80’s, with high humidity levels and overwatering.

Rot Root - Occurs when the roots appear black and will cause your lawn to turn yellow, then brown. This will cause the grass to die off, leaving dead spots in your lawn. This disease is caused by a soil fungus, often due to overwatering.

Powdery Mildew - A very apparent lawn disease that will leave a powdery white substance covering the lawn surface.

Rot - This often occurs in the thatch buildup where areas of the lawn are not receiving enough direct sunlight and are being overwatered.

Sprinkler system watering a golf course in Clarklake, MI.

Signs of overwatering your lawn

  • Blades of grass will wilt and feel limp.
  • A thick thatch will build up and your lawn will require more mowing.
  • Your lawn will remain soggy for a longer period of time than it should.

Signs of underwatering your lawn

  • The blades of grass will feel crispy and burnt-like.
  • The soil will be excessively dry.
  • Your grass does not recover after being stepped on.
  • A noticeably slower rate of growth.

Signs of a properly watered lawn

  • Your lawn is a green to dark green shade evenly throughout.
  • When your lawn is walked on, there is no effect on the grass.
  • There isn’t any excessive thatch build up, the thatch is even at the soil level.
  • The majority of the blades will have an even thickness.

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