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Transforming Lawns, Elevating Lifestyles
Article about lawn care services.

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What is integrated pest management?

Picture a healthy weed free lawn, one that is well cared for, manicured, green and freshly mowed. A perfect place for lounging around cooking some burgers on the grill, listening to a Saturday afternoon Tiger;baseballgame as the kids practice;there soccer moves. Wow, what a real asset to you home your lawn provides.

Although it would seem unnecessary to state the obvious,did you know that your lawn (and how you take care of it) can also help the environment.

Lawn Areas Reduces Dangerous Greenhouse Gas:

Grass absorbs greenhouse gas and converts it into life-giving oxygen. Grass does this at a much higher rate than native plants because grass has higher leaf density and a faster growth rate. A 2500 square foot lawn converts enough carbon dioxide into oxygen to sustain a family of four!?

Grass Is Natures Air Conditioner:

Trees seem to get all the credit for naturally cooling the air because they provide shade, but grass lowers surface temperatures through "evapotranspiration" which is a process similar to that used by old-fashioned evaporative coolers ("swamp coolers") for home air conditioning. On a hot summer day, lawns will typically be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt, 14 degrees cooler than bare soil and a huge 35 degrees cooler than artificial turf! Aside from just creating a comfortable setting, grass also reduces energy demand by lowering the ambient temperature around a home.

Grass Purifies Water:

Turf (grass) roots act as a...
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