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Why You Shouldn't Wait to Control Weeds in Your Yard

Weeds take up valuable space in the soil of your lawn and landscaping beds, choking out grass, and weakening plants. Staying ahead of the game with proactive weed control and effective herbicide treatments helps prevent things from becoming unmanageable.

There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait to control weeds in your yard, but they all boil down to prevention and minimizing damage.

Stay Ahead With Pre-Emergent Weed Control Treatments

We can target weeds before they even sprout with our pre-emergent weed control treatments. Our team uses an herbicide that is specifically designed to penetrate the soil to prevent germination of certain weeds like foxtail grass, crabgrass, foxtail grass, and more.

Treating beds and grass BEFORE weeds emerge will prevent root systems from establishing and weakening grass and plant roots. Invasive growths will soak up sunlight, water, and air that should be reserved for your grass, which can cause problems down the road.

Grass with weakened root systems and unhealthy soil are more susceptible to plant disease and insect infestation, making pre-emergent treatments extremely important.

Control Growth with Post-Emergent Herbicide Service

Our specially formulated herbicide is designed to ward off and kill weeds that may have already been established. After heavy rains, sunlight bakes into the soil, causing weeds to begin growing. Those seeds that survive the pre-emergent treatment can then germinate and begin to...

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