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COVID-19 Notice

Emerald Outdoor is Back Safely Working!

An announcement from our owner.

As of Friday April 25th our Governor has asked us, and allowed us, to returned to work!

Safe and careful actions will be of the highest priority each and every day. In fact, with much diligence, we have been able to secure kn95 face masks, bulk virus killing 80% sanitizer for all common equipment, face coverings, and a good supply of disposable gloves. The PPE approach will be used in conjunction with enforced company policy regarding social distancing, including but not limited to, ensuring a 12 foot distance from clients and co-workers alike when possible. We have additionally mandated a policy that not more than two team members can report to the same job-site at any time, therefore removing any threat of continued exposure between crews. Additionally, each team member is driving a separate vehicle without passengers, and are encouraging each crew leader to keep their perspective trucks, equipment and trailers at home each night, also allowing for off site equipment maintenance to eliminate common space touches.

Although we love to see those welcoming waves from the living room window or from across the street, we insist that you keep your distance and please do not approach nor attempt to speak with any of our team members, period. All face to face communication will be put on hold until the stay at home order gets revised mid May.

We find it incredibly important that our industry has been called into action to be part of the successful re-engagement of our society and economy. In fact, I personally have kept in touch with many other Jackson area landscape industry "competitors" in an effort to group together knowledge, financial resources and PPE supplies so we can all have the best chance to safely and successfully reengage the work field.

Our final priority (not to be minimized) is the need to do everything we can to provide the quality of service you expect from us in light of the reduced time frame this spring. We have increased the rate of active ingredient of the crab grass pre-emergent to a level that will hopefully control and suppress the new grown of the unwanted summer annual. We also have put a temporary modified work schedule in place with longer hours on a rolling 5 days on one day off, five days on, so for the next few weeks you may see us on some days you would not normally expect until we get caught back up.

I have shared the follow comment before, and Ill echo the same sentiment a second time: We are strongly committed to providing you with safe, quality services and we promise to do our best to be part of the solution, not to be part to the problem. God Bless!

From all of us here at Emerald Outdoor,

Continue to stay safe,

Doug Martz
Emerald Outdoor, LLC
(517) 750-5296